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In version 0.6.0 the source code of WIT was seperated from the one of VASE. However, the following list still contains the features of both.

version 0.6.3: (released: 26.11.2018)
- reworked UI dialogs for opening a new media source
- reworked internal structures to improve performance and maintainability
- reworked handling of video/audio settings when opening a new media source
- added initial version of VASE-IMI (infrastructure management interface)
- fixed several app. crashes and hung-ups
- fixed problems with char encodings
- fixed buffer handling when input data is received dramantously faster than it gets processed
- fixed problems with DAR (display aspect ratio) handling
- fixed several minor bugs/UI errors
- improved error handling

version 0.6.2: (released: 16.07.2018)
- fixed crash when closing a media source
- fixed A/V synch. problems during playback
- fixed display of file dialog in settings on Android
- fixed filtering of supported multimedia files
- fixed several minor management/UI errors
- minor GUI improvements
- improved error handling (e.g., UDPSocket)
- improved log handling
- improved OSX/iOS support

version 0.6.1: (released: 14.06.2018)
- reworked encoder management to reuse encoders for multiple sinks when possible
- reworked processing of user inputs/commands to improve interaction performance
- improved overall UI performance
- improved pre-buffering during video/audio playback
- improved error handling
- support multiple WIT instances on a Windows system
- fixed several UI layouting issues
- fixed start problems under Windows (missing dll)
- fixed file seeking issues
- fixed A/V synch. problems (esp. for DirectShow capturing)
- fixed selection of default encoder video codec
- fixed several minor memory leaks
- fixed scaling issues when switching between fullscreen and window mode
- fixed drag'n'drop of layouting on mobile devices
- fixed playback stalling situations
- fixed possible dead locks and crash situations
- allow to adjust video/audio codec in settings dialog

version 0.6.0: (released: 07.05.2018)
- added native sound output for Windows & Linux
- reworked sound output for Android and iOS
- reworked support for hardware accelerated video decoding (adds support for Windows)
- reworked internal architecture to improve memory management and system stability (replaced Qt dependencies by std. C++ based implementations in the core functions)
- reworked buffer handling for better overflow/underflow compensation
- reworked handling of all timestamps in the system to produce correct/precise timings (A/V synch.)
- reworked internal network protocol for handling general WIT service and the instantiated multimedia streams
- added support for hardware video frames for playback
- added support for multi-view movies (create second video player at need)
- added support for conferences on Linux (capture video/audio simulatenously with correct A/V sync.)
- integrated long list of improvements and bug-fixes for various internal modules to improve performance and system stability
- added DVB-T2 & DVB-C support for Linux
- added general support for Raspberry devices (not listed on homepage)
- added support for hardware accelerated video decoding/encoding on Raspberry devices
- added camera support for Android and iOS devices

version 0.5.0: (released: 24.09.2016)
- added support for hardware accelerated video decoding based on MediaCodec for Android devices (H.264 & HEVC)
- added support for hardware accelerated video encoding based on NVidia graphic cards (H.264 & HEVC)
- added support for authentication with RTSP/HTTP streams
- added auto. detection or rotated video pictures
- improved handling of playlists
- added DVB DiSEqC support
- added support for DVB Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
- improved support of DVB radio channels
- improved speed of DVB channel switches
- improved seeking in local files
- improved UI layout and usability
- fixed issues with parsing channels.conf
- fixed issue with buffer underruns
- fixed several dead lock situations
- fixed audio bufering and avoid crash with wmva2 codec

version 0.4.0:
- added first Linux release
- added support for different LOF settings
- fixed problems if input file has only video or audio data
- fixed position seeking in files
- fixed several dead locks
- fixed several UI issues

version 0.3.4:
- added automatic software update
- added support for changes in video resoloution while stream is running
- fixed detection of network errors
- fixed A/V synch. problems at receiver side
- fixed several minor ui issues
- fixed several dead locks

version 0.3.3:
- added option to configure defaults for outgoing bitrates
- fixed several dead locks

version 0.3.2:
- first public beta for Windows & Android OS

version 0.1.0, 0.2.0, 0.3.0, 0.3.1:
- closed beta versions: thanks again to all testers!